Mauds Cold Brew Coffee Filter Bags - 100% Arabica Low Acid Coff...

Mauds Cold Brew Coffee Filter Bags - 100% Arabica Low Acid Coff...

Maud's Cold Brew Coffee Filter Bags 1 Pack - Solar Energy Produced 100% Arabica Low Acid Coffee Cold Brew Packs, 4 Filters Makes 2 Pitchers Or 12 Single Serve Cups, No Cold Brew Coffee Maker Required

  • Roast Profile - Maud's Cold Brew Coffee is an ultra-smooth, full bodied brew with low acidity. This easy-to-make, 100% arabica coffee blend can be brewed at home with no machine required, and produces a perfectly balanced bright and smooth dark roast iced coffee that's drinkable any time of the day. The Perfect Camping Accessory for that needed morning beverage pick me up for the days adventure!
  • 100% Arabica Cold Brew Coffee - We use only high quality 100% Arabica cold brew coffee including organic and fair trade beans from premier growing regions around the world.
  • California Roasted Low Acid Coffee Cold Brew & 100% Solar Energy Produced - On their way to your cup, our flavorful beans also get a California tan, roasted to perfection in our own Solar Energy Powered San Diego facility, where we can monitor the quality and character of each batch. Our goal is to be carbon neutral by 2024.
  • Coffee Cold Brew Servings - Each Maud's Cold Brew carton comes with 4 filter packs, and will brew 2 pitchers or 12 cups worth of crisp cold brew.
  • No Cold Brew Coffee Maker Required!: Cold Brew Kit Instructions - 1. Place two filter packs in a pitcher, add four 8oz cups of water. 2. Brew in the fridge for 8-12 hours. 3. Remove filter packs, and add four more cups of water or to desired brew strength. 4. Pour and enjoy over ice!
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