Easiyo Greek &Amp; Rhubarb Premium Yoghurt Mix 230G

Out Of Stock Easiyo Greek &Amp; Rhubarb Premium Yoghurt Mix 230G

Easiyo Greek & Rhubarb Premium Yoghurt Mix 230g

  • SECRET AND SPECIAL TROPICAL INGREDIENT IN BAKERY, SMOOTHIES, COCKTAILS AND KITCHEN. At opening the you will feel the local Costa Rica mango "kick", just like biting off one of their mangoes.. With added local cane sugar, you now have the perfect mix for any ideas. You will be delighted to know that is going to make your desserts delicious and original.
  • IT WILL INSPIRE YOU AND IGNITE YOUR CREATIVITY. From a yummy mango dressing or marinade to the perfect mango margarita, the sky is the limit. A recipe has been added to the label to ignite your inspiration.
  • SWEETENED WITH LOCAL SUGAR CANE, it requires no refrigeration until opening and it is packed in a 1-liter bottle. No mess, no hassle. Clean cooking and stores easily. Mango flavor from tropics preserved through pasteurization, you only need to open and pour.
  • FEEL PROUD AND BE REWARDED End your cooking session with a sense of satisfaction and joy. The product is efficient in yield, and you will be able to make yourself and family your favorite tropical cocktail at the end of the day (margaritas and mimosas) and relax after a well-deserved day of baking. Just as well you can make a full gallon of fresh sweetened jugo de mango right off your favorite island.
  • COMMUNITY SUPPORT, Costa Rica honors strict environmental local laws for harvesting and at the same this product supports farmers and local communities. If for any reason you are not 100% happy with this product, we'll fully refund it to you, no questions asked.
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