Miralandberry Dried Butterfly Pea Flowers, 2.8Oz, Premium Qual

Miralandberry Dried Butterfly Pea Flowers, 2.8Oz, Premium Qual

MiralandBerry Dried Butterfly Pea Flowers, (2.8Oz), Premium Quality Thai Herbal Tea, Antioxidants Rich, Ideal for Tea Desserts Beverage

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Butterfly pea tea originates from South-East Asia where countries have been drinking a mixture of the butterfly-pea flower and dried lemongrass for centuries. When steeped in warm to hot water, the butterfly pea flower turns the water blue. Add in some lemon juice and the PH of the tea changes and the color changes.
  • EXCEPTIONAL FEATURES: Butterfly Pea Flowers are native to South East Asia where it is used in teas and as natural food dye. You can find the flower in several traditional recipes from Thailand, Malaysia, and Myanmar. It’s popular in rice and drinks where changing the PH alters the color. A few drops of lemon and the bluish tea turns a dreamy purple.
  • BEST CHOICE: Butterfly pea flowers are typically used to color food and beverages, as their bright blue color comes out when soaked.
  • ULTIMATE USAGE: It is perfect choice of gift for any holiday season such as St-Valentine, Thanks Giving, Wedding, Christmas etc. Ideal for big family, entertaining, buffet, party, hotel, restaurant, bistro, camping, picnic, etc.
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