Moodwater 100% Naturally Alkaline Spring Water +8Ph - 12 X Fl 20 Oz

Out Of Stock Moodwater 100% Naturally Alkaline Spring Water +8Ph - 12 X Fl 20 Oz

New Moodwater 100% Naturally Alkaline Spring Water +8pH (12 x 20oz)

  • 12 Pack: Each pack includes 12 x 20 fl. oz. bottles of the most funnest alkaline spring water in the world
  • Naturally Alkaline Spring Water: On top of being super duper fun, our water has a pH of 8+. It’s naturally filtered and has a balanced mineral composition with naturally occurring electrolytes. Portable: Take happiness with you everywhere you go! Drink directly from the water bottle, or serve by the glass.
  • Thirst Quenching: The alkaline water has a smooth, balanced and thirst-quenchingly delicious taste, packed with minerals, nutrients, and fun! MoodWater is the perfect rehydrating bottled water beverage!
  • Proudly Canadian: Our spring water is sourced from the Canadian Rocky Mountains in The Kootenay Plains of Alberta, and bottled in Canada.
  • 100% Recyclable, BPA Free: Our water bottle, pack and case are 100% recyclable (excluding water bottle label and cap) and BPA free.
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