Morton Ice Cream Salt 4Lb Box Pack Of 4

Morton Ice Cream Salt 4Lb Box Pack Of 4

Morton Ice Cream Salt 4lb box (Pack of 4)

  • FOOD PRESERVATIVE: Use this additive in the kitchen for canning, drying, freezing, and preserving food. By decreasing the ph level, citric acid will prevent oxidation and spoilage
  • CLEANSER : Citric acid's chemical properties make it a powerful water softener. It works by breaking down the trace amount of metal found in water, making it an ideal all-natural choice for treating hard water. Many all-natural household cleaners, such as kitchen and bathroom sprays, contain a small percentage of citric acid to help clean hard water stains and kitchen messes. The citrusy smell of the acid is pleasant, so it works well as both a cleaner and a deodorizer.
  • BATH BOMBS: Take your skin and hair care to the next level ! Make your own natural, plant-based, effective beauty products, and have some fun by using citric acid for bath bombs!
  • EASY TO STORE CONTAINER : 4 LB Container stores easily in your pantry and closet
  • KOSHER : Certified Kosher
  • Love It: 955
  • Brand: Morton
  • Product Code: B073RQYLG2
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