Mrs. Adlers Gefilte Fish, 24-ounces Pack of 4

Mrs. Adlers Gefilte Fish, 24-ounces Pack of 4

Mrs. Adler's Gefilte Fish, 24-ounces (Pack of 4)

  • Also available with Prime Shipping! Proudly USA Operated, see more at the WorldWideTreats Official Site! This is a Box full of pre-packaged Snacks from Eastern Europe!
  • Each Box can contain any combination of the following: Candy, Cookies, Chocolates, Wafers, Biscuits, Pretzels, and more!
  • Each Item in this Box is guaranteed to be made in an Eastern European country like Russia, Romania, Latvia, Croatia, Macedonia, and Croatia to give you a truly authentic tasting experience!
  • Each Box will contain at least 8 Snacks (or more) of any flavor and variety
  • The Photos are in this listing are not exact, but show you the types of items you may get. Every Box is different. Check out our other Snack Box varieties like the Taste of Asia Snack Mix, Turkish Snack Mix, and Worldwide Snack Mix Package too. Click our Store Name to see them all
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