Murray Sugar Free Shortbread 8-Count Cookies, 1.06-Ounce Singl...

Out Of Stock Murray Sugar Free Shortbread 8-Count Cookies, 1.06-Ounce Singl...

Murray Sugar Free Cookies, Shortbread, 1.06 Ounce Single Serve Sleeve, Pack of 120

  • Satisfy a sweet tooth without dipping into the sugar bowl; Murray Sugar Free Shortbread Cookies have the classic taste and crumbly texture of regular shortbread cookies, made with sugar-related dietary restrictions in mind
  • Packaged in individual sleeves, cookie fans watching their sugar intake turn to Murray Sugar Free Cookies; These sugar free cookies offer conscious eaters a snack that sacrifices none of the flavor or crumbly goodness of classic shortbread cookies
  • Place in the cookie aisle, near hot or cold beverages, and at the check-out counter; This item is good for Convenience stores, Lodging, Hospitals, B&I, Colleges/Universities, Caterers
  • Baked with care and made from delicious ingredients; Makes a tasty snack on the go
  • Convenient, ready-to-eat cookies packaged for freshness and great taste in a case of 120, individually packaged 1.06oz sleeves of 3 cookies each, 13.688 IN x 10.313 IN x 8.625 IN
  • Love It: 576
  • Brand: Murray
  • Product Code: 3010008195
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
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