Natures Earthly Choice Paleo, Keto Broccoli Rice, 8.5Oz Pack Of 6

Natures Earthly Choice Paleo, Keto Broccoli Rice, 8.5Oz Pack Of 6

Nature's Earthly Choice Paleo, Keto Broccoli Rice, 8.5oz Pack of 6

  • [LOW CARB] A low carb, healthy food, riced broccoli is the one pantry food item that you can have zero guilt about! Unlike brown rice which has tons of carbs, riced broccoli is one of the few low carb snacks that will fill you up AND still taste great!
  • [PALEO AND KETO FRIENDLY] This low carb rice alternative has only 35 mg of sodium and 7g of carbs -- perfect for the paleo diet or keto diet!
  • [NUTRITIOUS FOOD] Just because it’s one of your pantry staples doesn’t mean that it’s not a nutritious, healthy food! Add this healthy near instant rice to any meal for a healthy and delicious way to make any meal pop!
  • [EASY TO STORE AND COOK] As a shelf-stable food that cooks in just 90 seconds, this rice alternative is an easy and quick addition to any healthy meal! Not only that, it is a pantry food item that has a stable shelf life and can last for months (though it’s so tasty it probably won’t last that long!)
  • [HEALTHY SNACKS AND MEALS] Riced broccoli is not your average dehydrated vegetable. Unlike many pantry food items, it is a healthy food that works as both a healthy low carb snack and a great kids snack! Or you can make a healthy meal by combining with fresh pasta and your favorite alfredo sauce or blending with cheddar cheese to make a yummy soup or even make a stir fry by mixing it with other vegetables!
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