Naturevibe Botanicals Organic Dill Weed, 25gm | Non-Gmo and Glut...

Naturevibe Botanicals Organic Dill Weed, 25gm | Non-Gmo and Glut...

Naturevibe Botanicals Dill Weed, 0.8 Ounce | Indian Seasoning | Adds Flavor (25gm)

  • Dill weed is a unique perennial herb with pleasant anise-like flavor. Its sprigs (leaves), as well as seeds, are employed as a seasoning in various cuisines worldwide. Dill is the member of the Umbelliferae family, a large group of flowering herbs and spices that also includes caraway, parsley, cumin, fennel, etc. Botanically, dill belongs to the family of Apiaceae, in the genus: Anethum, and scientifically named as Anethumgraveolens.
  • Dill is native to southern Russia, western Africa and the Mediterranean region. The seeds are stronger and more flavorful than the leaves and are most commonly associated with the cuisines of Scandinavia and Germany. Its green leaves are wispy and fernlike and have a soft, sweet taste.
  • 100% Dill. Dill herb has been used in the preparation of many popular dishes in Mediterranean and European cuisine since ancient times.
  • Along with other spicy items, it is being used to enhance the flavor and taste of vegetables, chicken, fish and meat dishes, also been used in the preparation of soups, and sauces, Freshly chopped and sautéed dill is a great addition to green salads and used in pickling as well as in spicy dishes.
  • Dill's name comes from the Old Norse word dilla which means "to lull."Dried dill seeds are light brown in color and oval in shape, featuring one flat side and one convex ridged side. The seeds are similar in taste to caraway, featuring a flavor that is aromatic, sweet and citrusy, but also slightly bitter.
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