Naturevibe Botanicals Pure Chicory Capsules, 100% Organic Chicor

Out Of Stock Naturevibe Botanicals Pure Chicory Capsules, 100% Organic Chicor

Naturevibe Botanicals Pure Chicory Capsules, 100% . Chicory Root Powder | 1000mg Per Serving | 1000 Veg Capsules

  • Chicory is a plant in the dandelion family that usually has bright blue flowers. The root of the chicory plant is commonly ground to be used as a coffee substitute or additive, or it is filtered into chicory root extract. The leaves and seeds are also used in culinary dishes.
  • Chicory plant have been shown to have positive health benefits due to soluble dietary fiber contained in the plant. Chicory root is a good source of fiber, which may help improve several aspects of your digestive health.
  • Chicory root is also commonly used in the preparation of a bitter coffee substitute in France and Japan. Chicory root coffee is becoming more popular in certain areas of the US.
  • It looks, and to some degree tastes, like coffee, but it is naturally caffeine-free. In fact, ground chicory root is added to certain types of beer to add flavor.
  • Chicory coffee is made of minced and roasted chicory root, which contains inulin fiber, manganese and vitamin B6.
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