NEW SIZE! The California Food Shop All Natural Unsweetened Dried...

NEW SIZE! The California Food Shop All Natural Unsweetened Dried...

NEW SIZE! The California Food Shop All Natural Unsweetened Dried...

NEW SIZE! The California Food Shop All Natural Unsweetened Dried Mangoes 15 oz (425 gr) Tropical Dried Mango Fruits Healthy and Delicious Snack No Added Sugar or Chemicals Healthy and Delicious Snack

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Why should you purchase this item?

The California Food Shop dried mango fruit is an excellent snack choice for the entire family, as it contains no artificial flavors or preservatives, is low-fat and has no added sugar. Keep your cholesterol at a healthy level and maintain a stable blood sugar, while at the same time enjoying the delicious, tropical mango flavor!

Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • All-natural, organic sundried mango fruits;
  • No added sugar, no artificial flavors, preservatives;
  • Full of vitamins and fibers;
  • Ideal snack for kids and adults;
  • Practical ingredient, can be used in a multitude of recipes;
  • Low-fat, low cholesterol product;
  • Delicious taste;
  • 15Oz/425 grams bag, enough for 10servings!

ADD TO CART NOW and reap all the benefits this delicious mango snack has to offer!

  • WHAT YOU NEED: Whether you're trying to adopt a healthier, more natural diet or you're looking for an effective way of introducing fruits into your kids' meals, these unsweetened organic dried mangos are the perfect solution for a quick and benefitial snack!
  • NO ADDED SUGAR OR PRESERVATIVES: The California Food Shop dried mango fruits contain no added sugars, chemicals or preservatives, an all-natural snack for both kids and adults. The naturally solar dried mangos make sure to preserve all the healthy nutrients without requiring artificial enhancers!
  • COUNTLESS SERVING OPTIONS: These natural sundried mango fruits can be eaten as such or can be introduced in all sorts of creative recipes. Use them for delicious dessert toppings or fillings for pies, tarts or cakes, or you can simply serve them as a garnish!
  • FOR ALL TASTES: The California Food Shop mango bites are a great way of introducing your kids to the delicious world of fruits! Teach them to snack in a healthy manner and to learn the difference between processed, sugary candy and sweets and the real benefits of dried fruit.
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