Oktoberfest Cheese Assortment in Gift Box 32.75 ounce

Oktoberfest Cheese Assortment in Gift Box 32.75 ounce

igourmet Oktoberfest Gourmet Cheese Assortment in Gift Box - The perfect collection of German cheeses

  • GOURMET GERMAN CHEESES GIFT BASKET - This Delicious Gift Basket Contains Germany's Most Exceptional Cheeses From First Class Producers, Artisans, Craftsmen and Cheesemakers across the country.
  • GERMAN CHEESE LUXURY COLLECTION - Special, nutty Allgau Emmental, unique Smoked Ammerlander, tangy Hirtenkase, and award-winning Paladin Bavarian Blue, paired with perfect Mini Toasts.
  • A CHEESE CONNOISSEUR'S ASSORTMENT - We have consulted with a variety of the world's most experienced and well-renowned chefs and judges to curate the perfect selection of gourmet cheeses across Germany.
  • INCLUDES SURPRISE BONUS - igourmet.com Signature Cheese Serving Knife, the perfect tool to cut and serve these fine cheeses.
  • HAND-PACKED GIFT BASKET - Beautifully Hand-Packed For You, and Guaranteed To Arrive In Perfect Condition
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