Organic herb Infused Olive Oil Set | Finishing Extra Virgin Oliv...

Organic herb Infused Olive Oil Set | Finishing Extra Virgin Oliv...

Pellas Nature, Organic Herbs Infused Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil Set, Finishing Oil Flavors Basil Garlic, Red Pepper, Rosemary, Wooden Combo Set, All-Natural, No-Additives, 4 X 50 ml (1.7 oz) Bottles

  • ORGANICALLY INFUSED - Infused with Fresh Organic Herbs and NOT with essential oils or flavors. PLEASE NOTE : These are not huge olive oil bottles for cooking purposes and in fact 50 ml bottles where you need very small portion of infused oil to make a gourmet meal with every flavor. These are Organically infused and quite potent oils. Sometimes size is not everything.
  • ULTRA-PREMIUM QUALITY - Ultra Premium Single Origin Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Island of Crete, Greece. No blended olive oil.
  • UNMATCHED FLAVOR - Rich natural flavor and an increasingly authentic taste and aftertaste, characteristics sustainable over time
  • FINISHING OIL - This finishing oil is for drizzling on top of your food to make a fantastic gourmet meal every time you use it. You do not need huge amount of oil and just one teaspoon per serving only. These are attractive French glass bottles selected carefully to ensure the product safety and quality.
  • EXCELLENT FOR SALADS, DIPPING AND SEASONINGS- No matter what the occasion, Pellas Nature Organically Infused EVOO enhances the taste of your lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers peas, and every ingredient in your salad to levels beyond imagination. Just a spoon of Organically infused EVOO from on top of your Pastas, Soups, Vegetables, Pizzas or Toast can enhance and deepen the flavor of your food to create new gastronomical delights. Do try it !
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