Organic Kombu Kelp Flakes - Young Baby Seaweed Grown in North At...

Organic Kombu Kelp Flakes - Young Baby Seaweed Grown in North At...

Organic Kombu Kelp Flakes - Young Baby Seaweed Grown in North Atlantic, Premium Quality Freeze-Dried for higher vitamin content. Soft Texture & Mild Taste. ½ tsp for daily vitamins. 60 Servings

  • UNLIKE OTHER SEAWEEDS Numami Atlantic Kombu is CULTIVATED IN the clean waters of the Atlantic - NORWEGIAN COAST instead of collected from the beach or from Asia. Harvesting only what we call baby seaweed – 4-month old kelp - from our SEAWEED FARM GUARANTEES great flavor and soft texture. Every batch is 3-PARTY TESTED TO ensure highest quality. Our freeze-drying technique locks in nutrients making the flakes very light and small but there is still over 300 grams of fresh seaweed in every packet.
  • Our organic Kombu seaweed FLAKES ARE DIFFERENT from other similar products - no need to cut, wash, soak or boil. SMALL FLAKES ARE ready to use straight from the package. In addition to suiting traditional asian dishes like dashi and miso soup, they also work wonders in your other dishes for adding richness to the flavor. Many PROFESSIONAL CHEFS USE this as a natural flavor enhancer and REPLACEMENT TO SALT FOR healthy cooking and nutrient-packed delicious food.
  • We believe in making HEALTHY EATING EASIER and enjoyable and that helping you to do this in your own life we are creating healthier and happier families. Kombu seaweed has a DETOXIFYING EFFECT AND is full of vitamins and minerals, including iodine for thyroid support. Iodine is the necessary nutrient to boost your metabolism which helps to DECREASE THE EFFECTS OF STRESS TO your body. This is an excellent nutritional supplement for our busy everyday life.
  • We are real people and use our kombu daily ourselves. We expect the BEST FOR OUR FAMILY AND and want the same for yours. Our cultivated Kombu has an excellent savoury taste and soft texture that blends easily. We are using kombu flakes as salt replacement by changing HALF THE SALT WITH kombu while cooking. Kombu seaweed has 87% LESS SODIUM THAN table salt, making it the healthier choice. This is a vegan, GMO-free and cruelty-free whole food you can enjoy with peace of mind. Simply delicious!
  • Protecting the environment is our passion, so all our products are packed into BIODEGRADABLE PACKAGES FOR minimum impact to our planet. Numami baby seaweed is not only responsibly cultivated but is also CERTIFIED ORGANIC IN EU and by USDA. Just like rainforests, seaweed also PRODUCES OXYGEN FOR us to breathe and WE ARE GROWING MORE seaweed in the ocean each year. We have made the first step by cultivating seaweed, now offering you the chance to create a HEALTHIER YOU AND a greener planet.
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