Original A2 Gir Cow ghee, Grass-fed, Pasture Raised 15.9 oz - ma...

Out Of Stock Original A2 Gir Cow ghee, Grass-fed, Pasture Raised 15.9 oz - ma...

Original A2 Gir Cow ghee, Grass-fed, Pasture Raised 15.9 oz - made from A2 Milk, Lactose & Casein free, Non GMO, Keto Friendly

  • Boost your immunity with Gir cow A2 ghee. Traditionally churned. Divine ('Cow' as Divine Mother) ghee has the potential to cure asthma, sinusitis and other kinds of respiratory diseases.
  • Divine Ghee is deliciously tasty and light in aroma because of grass-fed A2 Milk. This milk contains A2 beta casein. Good for people who are lactose and casein intolerant. Gir Cow A2 ghee contains conjugated linolenic acid (CLA) which can facilitate the process of losing excess fat. Divine ghee helps decrease bad cholesterol and facilitates excellent circulation. Gir cow ghee helps slow down the aging process, making people look younger and healthier. It is directly linked towards helping migr
  • Divine Ghee highly recommended for pregnant and lactating women since it is known to provide immense nutrition to the fetus/baby. Divine Gir cow ghee melts at 37C and our body temperature is 37.2C, which is why it gets totally absorbed in the body while commercial ghee melts at approx. 39C or above which increases BP, diabetes, cholesterol and other diseases.
  • Effective to use on your Keto Diet. Use it while stir-fry, baking, deep frying. Use a tea spoon of ghee in your morning coffee for a tasty bulletproof coffee.
  • Our air tight “Can” packaging keeps the product freshness and natural aroma. When in a glass jar, ghee is subject to sunlight which can make it rancid at a faster rate. Our packaging is food grade & BPA free, has no “metal” tastes, and is very carefully and meticulously placed in the jar. Since 1968 we ensured every bottle of ghee contains the highest amount of quality, care and no artificial flavors, aromas, colors and preservatives.
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