Ouyanghengzhi Dried Nori Seaweed Slices For Making Sushi Zi Cai

Ouyanghengzhi Dried Nori Seaweed Slices For Making Sushi Zi Cai

OUYANGHENGZHI Dried Nori Seaweed Slices for Making Sushi Zi Cai 紫菜 20 Sheets

  • NUTRITION VALUE--The content of crude protein in dried laver is 30%~50%. It is rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, calcium, potassium, magnesium and other trace elements. It also contains algae-specific phycobiliprotein. It has high nutritional value and is a rare marine food.
  • NET CONTENT & SHELF LIFE--20 sheets of dried laver and 360 days will be subjected to packing instruction, please keep it in a dry & cool place, avoiding the direct sunshine or moisture and sealed well.
  • SCIENTIFIC CULTIVATION & MANUAL SELECTION--Such seaweed has gone through the careful and strict manual selection, removing fragile Porphyra with damaged holes, and ensure that each piece is complete and good quality. The tail of the machine is strictly manual screened to ensure that each piece is dark green, no dead spots, no green algae, no diatoms.
  • SUGGEST USE--Eat it directly or making sushi.
  • LEISURE DESSERT--Sharing such tasty laver with family, friends or colleagues and then watching TV or talking about gossip/work, adding more fun to your life.
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