Performance Inspired Nutrition bar, Vanilla Almond, 12Count

Out Of Stock Performance Inspired Nutrition bar, Vanilla Almond, 12Count

Performance Inspired Nutrition bar, Vanilla Almond, 12Count

  • Co-founder by fitness fanatic & actor mark wahlberg to create a line of all-natural products HE could trust for his Personal use as well as for his professional athlete friends. Consumers are tired of overhyped marketing claims that use risky ingredients and Juiced up models to mislead and misinform. Every performance inspired product is formulated to provide great value with clean, efficacious and robust formulas! Upgrade and compare our amazing formulas for the everyday athlete or professional athlete like our other co-founder draymond green! #Inspiredtobebetter!
  • All of our products are proudly made in USA, in world-class GMP manufacturing facilities with a guarantee of purity & Potency and no banned substances. We offer quality products for the best value. Most of our products are third party tested by informed Sport. We never compromise on quality and neither should you. We proudly put our names on the front label to showcase our pride!
  • Full 20g all natural protein, 20g of fiber, probiotics
  • 2g each of BCAA and MCT
  • L-glutamine & 1 g sugar
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