Persian Saffron Threads From Afghanistan By Slofoodgroup, Premiu

Persian Saffron Threads From Afghanistan By Slofoodgroup, Premiu

Persian Saffron Spice from Afghanistan by Slofoodgroup, Premium Quality Saffron Threads, All Red Saffron filaments for cooking, tea, Baking and More, Grade 1 Quality 1 Gram

  • Highest Quality Persian Saffron Threads, Negin Grade Saffron. Slofoodgroup Saffron is a Family-Owned and Operated business with a wealth of experience Saffron, flavors and find spices.
  • Pure Saffron Stigmas that are Naturally Grown, Non-GMO, and Hand Harvested in Afghanistan. Afghanistan Safron is said to be superior to Spanish, Indian, Keshmiri and ALL Other Types of saffron from around the world. The warm middle eastern sun, well drained soil of the land that is rich in matter give way to ideal conditions for growing saffron.
  • The right saffron for all your Cooking needs, such as Persian Rice, Paella, Risotto, Golden Milk, and Teas. Saffron is said to have many benefits in a variety of applications such as consuming as a tea or It can be ground into powder form for use in saffron extract supplements or wholstic purposes.
  • Slofoodgroup Saffron contain no waste or white styles that reduce the quality or add to cost. Our saffron is an all natural alternative to add flavor to many dishes. Kosher certifided and third-party labrotoy tested for authenticity. Let Slofoodgroup provide you with the flavors you are looking for
  • Premium Persian saffron are all red filaments, Poushali Negin Grade A Saffron, We Guarantee you will love or it or we will be more than happy to help, send us a message
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