Peruano Heirloom Beans All Natural Non GMO 100% Pesticide and He...

Out Of Stock Peruano Heirloom Beans All Natural Non GMO 100% Pesticide and He...

Peruano Heirloom Beans All Natural Non GMO 100% Pesticide and Herbicide Free These Peruvian Beans or Canary or Mayocoba Beans Yellow Beans with a Soft Buttery Texture (2 Pounds)

  • ✔️ GROWING STANDARDS: Our beans are grown to organic standards. While they are not certified organic our growers value organic growing practices. Our Heirloom Beans are tested to be 100% herbicide and pesticide free. They just feel no need to get the USDA organic stamp of approval to do something they have always done, grow with no herbicides and pesticides. Our growers produce the very highest quality legumes. Always non gmo all natural gluten free and great for vegan diets.
  • ✔️ QUALITY MATTERS: Unlike commercial dehydrated beans our beans are sun dried leaving a small amount of moisture in them which means a plump tasty bean that cooks up soft and delicious. Heirloom beans are grown for taste. High protein nutrient dense bean is a live bean and full of potent nutrients. Our beans are traditionally larger than your standard grocery store bean and have a lovely appearance.
  • ✔️ THE MIGHTY PERUANO: With a soft butter texture and mild delicious flavor these Mexican Yellow Beans lend themselves to many recipes. Better than Pinto's for refried beans. The Drunken Peruano Bean with bacon and cilantro is another huge winner. Smokey Peruvian Beans, a Simple Peruvian Bean Salad, or the Mexican Yellow Bean with Chorizo and Shrimp are all Gourmet Status Recipes to use with these amazing beans. Show us your dish in the product review! Happy Cooking. Capaul Family Grown
  • ✔️ Chili Smith Family Foods started with a single Chili Recipe and has grown nicely over many years. Located in Central California working closely with several different growers we purvey beans grown locally only from growers that adhere to a higher standard than Organic Bean Certification. The cleaned and polished beans are always tested in the Chili Smith Family Foods kitchen for taste and perfection.
  • ✔️ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED TOOT TOOT: Our biggest concern as a seller is to make sure your 100% happy. If there is ever an issue that makes you unhappy with your purchase please contact the seller so we can make you happy! Make sure you check out our other varieties too! You know what they say, "beans beans the magical fruit the more you eat..... Buy some today so you can eat the beans at every meal.
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