Pistachios with No Shell, Raw & Unsalted Nuts, Pasteurized, Cali...

Pistachios with No Shell, Raw & Unsalted Nuts, Pasteurized, Cali...

Raw Pistachios, Unsalted Pistachio Kernels with No Shell, Pasteurized, California Grown | Tasty & Fresh | Use as Paste, in Ice Cream, On The Go Super Snack, Baklava & Turkish Delight 12oz

  • DO INDULGE: You are about to experience a great tasting potassium powerhouse minus the Sodium, that is not only filling but is one of the lowest calorie nuts you can consume. It gives you a quick chance to refuel by delivering awesome amounts of Vitamins, Nutrients and Minerals so your body keeps functioning at its optimum. Sleepers love it for its Melatonin content of 660ng/gram.
  • NUTRITION UNSHELLED: It forms healthier eating habits in you. Studies show that people who regularly eat nuts, including Pistachios, tend to have higher-quality diets. You need this for your overall health wellbeing. Not to mention, it provides a broad range of plant-based antioxidants and key phytochemicals for cardiovascular health which is why they are often included in many of the Mediterranean diets.
  • PREMIUM PISTACHIO: It is a thoughtful gift that gives you the opportunity to pass on the benefits to family, friends, colleagues and even strangers. As you gift, feel good about the fact that Zaiqa Brand Pistachios contain no added salt, are not roasted and have been harvested using strict quality control, from start to finish.
  • ARTISANAL CARE & MINIMALISTIC APPROACH: Hand packed in small batches with love and care. Minimalistic simple, yet secure packaging. Allows for storage at home in an airtight glass or canning jar. However, despite our earnest efforts, please sort for shell remains before consuming.
  • DEEP IMPACT: Your purchase directly puts responsibility on us to become good stewards for the environment, it also humbles us to help reduce hunger by supporting local food banks. Last but not least, your purchase supports at least 3 U.S. warehousing jobs. So next time when you hear that unemployment is low, know that you have had a positive impact, no matter the size.
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