Plain Honey Sticks Floral Pure Gift Box Set, Raw Unfiltered Loca...

Plain Honey Sticks Floral Pure Gift Box Set, Raw Unfiltered Loca...

Plain Honey Sticks Floral Pure Gift Box Set, Raw Unfiltered Local American Natural Clover Wildflower 100 Bulk (by weight) Honey Stix or Honey Straws Stick for Tea, Coffee or Snacks

  • Grab the mini snack your friends and family will love! Set aside the messy honey jar, the clean up, and the inaccurate measurements. At 1 tsp per honey stick, these easily measured and perfectly proportioned sticks are a great healthy on the go snack with no mess and no packets. BURSTING WITH NATURAL FLAVOR these HoneyStix are a healthy and fun favorite for ages 2 and above. Also entertain with class by adding these as a compliment for your guests’ tea or coffee.
  • ALL Natural Plain FLORAL WILDFLOWER HONEY STICKS are as nature intended. No flavorings, additives, or coloring added. Floral varieties are locally produced in the Pacific States of the USA. As an all-natural product, small sugar crystals may form - to return to original state: heat slowly in a warm water bath until they disappear.
  • Pursito Brand Honeystix are 100% PURE DOMESTIC US GRADE A HONEY, 100% Natural, No Color (because our honey is unprocessed, natural, unfiltered and from clover its natural may vary from golden to amber gold, Made in Oregon, USA Perfect for snacking, sweetening drinks or foods and excellent for travel. There is no expiration or shelf life for honey. However, we recommend using within 1 or 2 years for best quality & flavor.
  • YOU WILL RECEIVE 100 Pursito Brand Plain Floral Wildflower Easy Open Honeystix in your purchase. SHIPPED in a heavy duty corrugated box to help ensure freshness, quality & a safe delivery. With thousands of happy customers, Pursito is a brand you will love and can trust! We stand by our product with a 30 day money back guarantee.
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