Puffed Quinoa 32 oz by OliveNation

Puffed Quinoa 32 oz by OliveNation

OliveNation Puffed Quinoa 32 ounces

  • This gluten free grain is crunchy and tastes nutty
  • Add Puffed Quinoa to trail mixes and baked goods or eat it like a cereal with your favorite kind of milk
  • Quinoa is considered to be a super grain because its high in fiber and is a complete protein
  • Now, you can make healthier sweet treats with our Puffed Quinoa
  • Puffed Quinoa by OliveNation is quinoa that has been puffed, similar to puffed rice cereal
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  • Brand: OliveNation
  • Product Code: FBA-FBN32
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