QULA Kombucha Drink Tabs Trial Pack Transform water into delic...

-10% QULA Kombucha Drink Tabs Trial Pack Transform water into delic...

QULA Kombucha Drink Tabs - Keto-Friendly Water Enhancer (Trial Variety Pack) Transform water into delicious KOMBUCHA with probiotics, no added sugar, under 5 calories (3 drinks)

  • KOMBUCHA BEVERAGE TABS - Just drop it in water and make your own fresh brewed kombucha! You don't need a bottle, when you can simply drop a tab in water, let it brew and drink the goodness. Each drink is loaded with probiotics, enhanced with a custom fermented tea and apple cider blend for a daily health boost, and has less than 1g sugar (under 5 calories). This limited edition variety pack contains artist’s rendered collection of each flavor in a collectible sleeve.
  • NATURAL & ARTISANAL FLAVORS - Contains each of our unique & sophisticated flavors: Queen of Cups (Guava Rose), Upriser (Mango Pineapple), Pink Sunshine (Raspberry Cucumber), and Orange Mamba (Blood Orange Rosemary). Discover your favorite and load up!
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY - By using our tabs, paired with a glass or reusable water bottle, you’re making 98% less of a carbon-impact than buying and drinking from bottled beverages - go you! Change your water. Change your world.
  • PROBIOTICS - Contains probiotics that can promote a healthy gut and help your digestive system. Including a proprietary blend of tea ferments and apple vinegar, to help boost up your health. All the benefits of kombucha in one tab.
  • DIET-FRIENDLY - Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, keto-friendly, non-alcoholic.
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