Red Split Lentils Or Masoor Dal, Make Vegan Soups Pastas Stews S

Red Split Lentils Or Masoor Dal, Make Vegan Soups Pastas Stews S

Split Red Lentils for Lentil Soups - 2 LBS or 32 oz, Masoor Dal for Indian Dal Curry & Thick Stews | Lentils That Cooks Fast & Change Color | Create DIY Gluten Free Pastas | Excellent Source of Nutrition & Plenty Healthy | Pacific Northwest Grown

  • A DELICIOUS FAMILY AFFAIR: There is something for everyone in the family to look forward to. Cooks easy & fast with fabulous taste & earthy flavor hailing from the pristine waters of the Pacific Northwest. This quick cooking gem readily takes on the flavor you throw at them, so spice them to taste or try them as bland as your taste permits
  • NUTRITION PACKED: Great source of plant-based protein equal to what a steak enthusiast gets from eating a meaty Steak. Also contains a potent package of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fiber. These lentils are completely Raw (not prewashed), All Natural, No Artificial anything, No cholesterol, and all that with a low-glycemic index
  • VERSATILE VEGAN POWERHOUSE: Make your favorite Lentil soup, colorful Pastas, Lentil Soy Burgers, Vegan Wraps, add to stew to thicken the gravy, or just make plain time-tested Indian Daal (also spelled as Dal or Dahl) Curries. Excellent addition to many of the healing eastern diets, including the Ayurvedic and the Mediterranean diets
  • HIGH YIELD, RESILIENT & ARTISAN CARE: Make 2.5x more food with just 2lbs of dried Red Split Lentils or Masoor Dal, excellent choice for difficult times, off-grid living and disaster stricken regions. Hand cleaned and packed in small batches with love and care. However, despite our earnest efforts, please sort and rinse before cooking for best results as this ensures there are no hidden stones tucked among the legumes.
  • DEEP IMPACT: Your purchase directly puts responsibility on us to become good stewards for the environment, it also humbles us to help reduce hunger by supporting local food banks. Last but not least, your purchase supports at least 3 U.S. warehousing jobs. So next time when you hear that unemployment is low, know that you have had a positive impact, no matter the size.
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