Redsaff Afghan Saffron Threads 250 plus grade A Empire Quality...

Out Of Stock Redsaff Afghan Saffron Threads 250 plus grade A Empire Quality...

Redsaff Afghan Saffron Threads (250 plus grade A) Empire Quality, Organically Grown, Non GMO, Vegan Saffron (.35 once, 10 grams)

  • :: HAND PICKED by Afghan Women With Care to Preserve Aroma & Flavor -- (Non-GMO, Gluten-free, & Vegan, No Preservatives or Additives), Me & My family Are The Daily Consumer Of Our Saffron, We Prefer For You & Your Family What We Prefer For Us and Our Family :)
  • :: ORGANICALLY GROWN in Herat Province, West of Afghanistan Which has an Ideal Climate & Rich Soil for Growing Saffron (Packed in a Beautiful Airtight Fully Sealed Jar in NEW YORK)
  • :: RESEARCH FIRST: Unfortunately, Saffron Market Has Been Corrupted due to its High Value, Most Brands Mix SAFFLOWER Which Looks Very Similar to Saffron But, Doesn't Have Saffron Taste or Flavor Neither Has Saffron's Health Benefits and is Available Very Cheap. Please Educate Your Self by Searching Google & Youtube Before Wasting Your Money and Then Compare Our Saffron With Your Current Supplier of Saffron. We Guarantee You Will Be Surprised.
  • :: IF NOT AS DESCRIBED, ITS YOURS FREE - NO RETURN REQUIRED: We Don't Even Ask You to Return Your Jar of Saffron. Simply Contact us and Ask for a Full Refund Not within 30 but 90 DAYS Then, Why You Still Hesitating? Go Ahead and Click The ADD TO CART BUTTON and BUY NOW :)
  • TO MAKE THE DEAL SPECIAL: Buy 2 get the 10% Off For a Limited Time. It Can't Gets Better Than This :)
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