Revolution Tea - Golden Chamomile Herbal Tea | Premium Full Leaf...

Out Of Stock Revolution Tea - Golden Chamomile Herbal Tea | Premium Full Leaf...

Revolution Tea - Golden Chamomile Herbal Tea | Premium Full Leaf Infuser Stringless Teabags - Immunity Boost (16 Bags)

  • As the perfect tea before bed, Golden Chamomile Herbal Tea can promote sleep and help boost your immunity. Our calming blend of whole Egyptian chamomile flowers includes marigold flowers and a hint of peppermint leaf that tastes delicious.
  • HERBAL TEA | Known as tisanes, have a history as long as tea itself, but the 2 are distinctly different drinks. Tisanes are caffeine-free beverages that don’t contain any tea. Instead they contain fresh/dried flowers, leaves, fruits, seeds or herbs.
  • OUR REVOLUTION | We only offer full leaf teas, select herbs, real fruit, essential oils and all natural flavors. Never tea fanning's and dust. We introduced the first infuser tea bag which allows tea to flow freely and brings more flavor to the cup.
  • THE INFUSER | Revolution started a full-scale uprising, overthrowing the paper tea bag in favor of the first flow-through Infuser bag. The Infuser marries the full-leaf flavor of loose tea with the convenience of a bag, a match made in tea heaven.
  • QUALITY | The best tea is usually grown at higher elevations, often on steep slopes, so it must be hand picked in the traditional, time-consuming way. This is why all of Revolution's ingredients are hand-picked and grown at higher elevations.
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