Royal Prism Pick - 4 Black Package 500

Royal Prism Pick - 4 Black Package 500

Royal Prism Pick - 4" Black Package 500

  • SAFE: These picks are made from food grade plastic. They are completely safe for use with drinks, or food items. They are designed for cold or room temperature food items, and are not designed to be heated in the microwave, oven, or other appliances.
  • DURABLE AND STRONG, these prism picks can spear and hold appetizers and drink garnishes. Creating fun and easy to display hors d'oeuvres is easy; simply spear fruit, cheese, meat or other items with the arrow pick.
  • ADD STYLE TO DRINKS! These prism picks are perfect for stirring martinis and cocktails. Creating garnishes is easy; simply spear fruit, olives, or candies and serve with any beverage to add a fun detail.
  • SIZE: The length of this product is 4". A 6" pick in the same style is also available. Both sizes are great for serving mini skewers and creating drink garnishes.
  • CONVENIENT and SANITARY: This product is a one-time use item. As a disposable item, they help reduce the time required to clean up after events or parties, or in restaurant kitchens. One-time use items can be a more sanitary alternative to reusable items.
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  • Brand: Royal
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