Run Gum Bubblegum Energy Chewing Gum 50Mg Caffeine Taurine &Amp; B-V

Run Gum Bubblegum Energy Chewing Gum 50Mg Caffeine Taurine &Amp; B-V

RUN GUM Bubblegum Energy Chewing Gum 50mg Caffeine Taurine & B-Vitamins Per Piece, 24 Pieces (Pack of 12) Sugar Free, Zero Calorie, No Aspartame, and Gluten Free

  • BEST EVERYDAY ENERGY BOOST - When you need a boost of energy to get the most out of your day, Run Gum quickly delivers the energy you need. Our high energy gum helps you run the office or chase after toddlers. Run Gum comes in easy to carry, waterproof packs that fit into your briefcase, backpack, or pocket. These lightweight chews are perfect when you are rushing to work or the finish line.
  • FAST-ACTING RUNNING GUM - Run Gum was developed to deliver energy fast, without the bloating of drinking several cups of coffee or energy drinks. Feel the energy boost 5x faster than anything you drink. Our energy gum uses sublingual absorption to give you the boost of energy right away. After just a few minutes of chewing, you will feel energized and ready to take on the day.
  • 100MG OF CAFFEINE PER PACK - When you need a boost, Run Gum has the ingredients to help you feel alert and focused. Each pack of Run Gum contains two pieces per packet with 50mg of caffeine in each. Our gum also contains taurine, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 - the same boost you get from energy drinks. Every box of Run Gum comes with 12 packs so you can power through any workout.
  • SUGAR-FREE GUM - Run Gum is completely sugar-free, so you can get the clean energy you need for your workday, run, or long drive. Run Gum is made with xylitol, giving you a delicious gum that doesn’t add extra sugar or calories to your diet. This gum gives you the energy boost you need without the crash from sugar. Run Gum’s clean energy will give you the cognitive focus to finish your workday.
  • MADE IN THE USA - When you feel like you need an energy kick and some mints, pick up some Run Gum. When you chew this delicious gum, your mouth will feel refreshed and you’ll be able to power through your commute, study session, or workout. Choose this effective energy gum instead of caffeine pills or candy to give you the boost you need to run, jump, and work.
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