SACRED BLOSSOM FARM Tiger Herbal Tea, 1.4 OZ

SACRED BLOSSOM FARM Tiger Herbal Tea, 1.4 OZ

SACRED BLOSSOM FARM Tiger Herbal Tea, 1.4 OZ

The primary ingredient in Tiger is Tulsi (Holy Basil), India's most sacred herb. In Hindu mythology the tiger is India's Mother Nature, the god of energy. Both Tulsi and ginseng are adaptogens, herbs known to help the body adapt to stress and normalize bodily functions. Tulsi and ginseng (31% and 7% respectively, by weight) are the power in Tiger. Lemongrass, elderberries, ginkgo, elderflower, thyme and safflower enhance this one-of-a-kind caffeine-free beverage. Together these complex herbs work to promote focused attention and sustained tiger-like energy*. We founded Sacred Blossom Farm for our health, your health and the health of the planet. Our fields look like beautiful prairies with different varieties of plants mixed together in dense polycultures. We hand harvest our herbs and flowers then carefully dry and hand process them. It is the only way to produce this level of quality, potency and freshness. You won't find any flavor additives in our teas! These fine herbs are carefully blended to be noticeably functional and taste delicious. For the perfect cup pour 12 oz boiling water over 2g (about 1 Tbsp) herbs. Steep for about seven minutes. Strain, then enjoy! Each canister makes about 20 servings (1.8 gallons)
  • Promotes focused energy* with Tulsi, American Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba
  • Grown on our rural Wisconsin farm
  • Delicious with no flavor addatives
  • No chemicals in our fields!
  • Nothing but AMAZING quality herbs. Enjoy!
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