Shotwell Salted Caramel – Award-Winning, Handcrafted, Smooth And

Shotwell Salted Caramel – Award-Winning, Handcrafted, Smooth And

Shotwell Salted Caramel Candy (3 Pack) Gourmet Caramel Candy Individually Wrapped & Small Batch – Sea Salt Caramel Candies – Smooth and Creamy Candy Caramel Chews (7.5oz Total)

  • AUTHENTIC HAND-CRAFTED QUALITY THAT IS WORTH IT – Shotwell Candy has mastered the art of salted caramel candy making by hand-crafting each individually wrapped piece caramel. Unlike bulk produced caramels made with large machines and cheap, artificial ingredients, our sea salt caramel chews are made by hand in Memphis, TN with traditional cooking methods in a copper pot over an open flame, using only the very best, fresh ingredients.
  • FRESH, NATURAL INGREDIENTS – We use real butter, fresh heavy cream, pure vanilla and sea salt to craft our creamy caramel candy. No artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, or fat fillers. Just melt-in-your-mouth soft caramels.
  • COOKED IN SMALL BATCHES – Making gourmet caramel candy requires precise control over cooking temperatures, especially when using fresh ingredients. Because every batch of salted caramels is cooked in a small copper pot over an open flame, we’re able to control the flavor development and texture until they reach the perfect level.
  • CARAMELS THAT WON’T STICK TO YOUR TEETH – Shotwell Candy’s salted caramel bites are known for their soft texture that will not stick to your teeth. Unlike mass-produced chewy caramels filled with stabilizers and other fillers so that they can run through large machines, Shotwell Candy’s hand-crafted caramels remain creamy and melt-in-your-mouth soft.
  • FAMILY-OWNED BUSINESS IN MEMPHIS, TN – Shotwell Candy was founded in 2012 by lawyer Jerrod Smith. Jerrod created each traditional salt caramel recipe through time honored candy making methods and by using the very best and freshest ingredients. He perfected his handmade caramel candy making craft at night after his wife and children were asleep and quickly grew a following through hard work and dedication to getting every detail right. Jerrod is still at the helm today!
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