Slofoodgroup Tahitian Vanilla Beans - Grade A Tahitian Vanilla B

Slofoodgroup Tahitian Vanilla Beans - Grade A Tahitian Vanilla B

Slofoodgroup - Gourmet Tahitian Vanilla Beans - Premium Grade A Vanilla Pods - From Papua New Guinea - 5 Count - For Cooking, Baking, and Ice Cream

  • TAHITIAN VANILLA -  Slofoodgroup Grade A Tahitian vanilla beans are grown and harvested in the South Pacific island of Papua New Guinea. These vanilla beans are sun cured during the warm dry season using sustainable methods and practices to ensure the best possible quality vanilla and help develop both flavor and aroma.  Tahitian vanilla beans are one of the most flavorful and exotic vanilla beans in the world characterized by broad bean pods and a distinctive sweet, floral, and soft aroma.
  • FRUITY AND FLORAL FLAVOR -  Papua New Guinea is the largest producer of Tahitian vanilla beans in the world. The distinctive PNG Vanilla tahitensis contains a floral and fruit forward flavor that is more economical than its authentic Tahitian counterpart.  Notes of sweet summer cherries, ripe fruit, licorice, caramel and star anise shine through in this vanilla bean. Tahitian vanilla pairs well with chocolates, grilled fish, and summer fruits such as berries, peaches, nectarines, and coconuts.
  • VERSATILE GOURMET PODS - Our gourmet Tahitian Vanilla Beans have a complex combination of luxurious, aromatic, exotic, and sensual flavors that blend well with both sweet and savory dishes. The Grade A pods  are recognized for the depth they add to pastries vinaigrettes, barbecue and tomato sauces, and gelato. These whole vanilla beans are soft, supple, and can be used to make vanilla extract, vanilla paste or vanilla powder.
  • UNMISTAKINGLY DIFFERENT -- The sweet floral aroma of Grade A Tahitian vanilla beans is perfume-like and favored by pastry chefs. Although Tahitian vanilla is not a competitor of the bourbon vanilla, it is a distinguishable alternative variety of vanilla that should not be confused with the better known orchid vanilla planifolia. The pods of PNG Tahitian beans are black to chocolate brown, visibly plump, with ample amounts of vanilla caviar and lend themselves well to many baking applications.
  • EASY TO STORE - The ideal storage conditions for vanilla beans are cool, dry areas such as a pantry or spice cupboards that avoid direct sunlight. The additional use of tightly sealed bags or containers are always recommended. We recommend purchasing only the amount intended to use within 30-60 days, but if you need to store your vanilla beans for prolonged periods of time, it is recommended to air out your vanilla beans to prevent moisture build up around the pod.
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