Socosani Sparkling Ph Balanced Electrolyte Mineral Water 1Lt X 1

Socosani Sparkling Ph Balanced Electrolyte Mineral Water 1Lt X 1

Socosani Water from Andes Mountain | Natural Alkaline Water | High TDS Water with 5X more Minerals than premium Mineral water brands | Perfectly balanced 7.4 pH water (Sparkling, 33.8 Fl oz x 12)

  • SOURCED FROM THE ANDES: Socosani spring water is sourced from the Peruvian Andes Mountains at the Chachani Volcano at 20,000 feet, one of the highest water sources in the world. Socosani is bottled at source since 1904. Pristine, untouched by man providing superior health benefits than purified water and other premium natural brands.
  • 100% NATURAL ALKALINE WATER. The high bicarbonates concentration in Socosani Mineral Water helps to naturally promote the right alkalinity level in your body. Socosani bottled water is a 7.4 pH water, perfectly balanced with your body. High TDS Water with 1709 mg/L has 4X MORE naturally occurring electrolytes than sport-drinks.
  • MORE MINERALS THAN COMPETITION: Socosani Mineral water contains 5X more Silica, 4.8X more Bicarbonates, 4.7X more Magnesium and 1.8X more Calcium than premium natural waters. Our Sparkling Water provides more minerals than S.Pellegrino, Fiji, Perrier and others.
  • BOOST YOUR HEALTH: a truly natural functional drinking water. Our Sparkling Mineral Water has a superior composition of essential minerals for your health & Wellness. HIGHEST SILICA Drinking water in the market. Silica is considered a beauty and anti-aging mineral as it naturally promotes collagen production. HIGH IN BICARBONATES, a potent natural antacid to support digestive function. Plus, Magnesium (11% DV), Calcium (5% DV) and Potassium!
  • DIVINE TASTE: Our Sparkling water has an unparalleled taste. International top awards by the global Fine Water Society and the International Institute of Taste. Our “champagne-style” bubbles have no after taste unlike most mineral waters in the market. We package each of our cases of water at the source. From the volcano, to your table.
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