Sofias Selection Black Olive Tapenade With Roasted Serrano Pepper

Out Of Stock Sofias Selection Black Olive Tapenade With Roasted Serrano Pepper

Sofia's Selection Roasted Serrano Pepper Olive Tapenade, 6 oz

  • LOW SALT, GLUTEN FREE: The Sofia’s Selection Roasted Serrano Pepper Olive Tapenade is the healthier option compared to other Olive Tapenades out there in the market; Sofia’s Selection Tapenade spread is low in salt so you can taste the olives, and gluten free. With no preservatives or additives, this Tapenade arrives ready to eat, and you can store them un-opened for up to 12 months without refrigeration
  • LOW CALORIES: Made with marinated black olives, roasted serrano pepper, olive oil, spices, vinegar and water, this delectable tapenade spread is not only tasty, but it’s low in calories, too! The savory flavors of this all natural tapenade will have you coming back for more.
  • HAND CRAFTED IN SMALL BATCHES: We make all Sofia’s Selection Tapenades according to our family recipe and a process that we developed over the last 30 years, resulting in the Tapenade’s unique flavors that has been a favorite for friends and family for a long time. All these delicious tapenades are made in the USA, using home grown olives from California
  • READY TO EAT OLIVE TAPENADE: If you love olives, then you share our passion here at Sofia’s Selection. We love olives and we use them in a range of dishes, from pastas to dips, and always on our pizza. With this delicious Tapenade that’s high in flavor, you can enjoy the taste of olives with roasted red pepper with every snack and meal. It pairs with goats cheese, charcuterie and cheese boards. Why not go further, too? Try it on fish, chicken, hamburgers, and even omelettes
  • DIFFERENT: Our products are different than what you may have used to before as they are low in salt and not briny or bland. We add roasted Serrano pepper (spicy green peppers), they contain vinegar, and they contain more spices than other comparable products sold in markets or served at restaurants.
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