Stony Acres Maple Farm, Maple Chunks, 8 oz.

Stony Acres Maple Farm, Maple Chunks, 8 oz.

Maple Chunks, 7 oz. - Made only with Pure Maple Syrup

  • All natural sugar. Made only with Pure Maple Syrup.
  • No two chunks are alike so measurements are hard to give. The average chunk is around 1-2 millimeters in width and depth and can be slightly smaller and a little larger than that to. These delicious chunks are great in your coffee, tea, smoothies, on your ice cream, in your oatmeal and in your baking for bursts of maple goodness in cookies and other baked goods and much more!
  • Maple Chunks will be packaged in a shaker bottle. The shelf life of maple chunks is almost indefinate, as long as kept in a cool dry place.
  • Stony Acres Maple Farm is a small family owned business, creating your maple favorites in small batches since 2012.
  • Perfect for gift giving -- Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother's & Father's Day, Birthdays.
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