Sumac 17.6 Oz

Out Of Stock Sumac 17.6 Oz

Sumac (17.6 oz)

  • Perhaps the least used but most important spice to have in your pantry
  • A dried and ground red berry grown in the Middle East. A key ingredient in “Musakhan,” a dish of cooked chicken and tahini
  • Both fruity and sour, often used in place of lemon
  • It can be used on almost anything from morning eggs to fish, vegetables and dressing
  • Consider it a “dry” acid to add zip to your basic morning eggs (fried eggs with sumac and za’atar) or our Sumac-Spiced Chicken (Musakhan)
  • Love It: 391
  • Brand: Saffronia
  • Product Code: B07LDK97CF
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