Superfat Cookies Keto Snack Low Carb Food Cookies - Peanut Butte

Superfat Cookies Keto Snack Low Carb Food Cookies - Peanut Butte

SuperFat Cookies Keto Snack Low Carb Food Cookies - Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip 3 Pack - Gluten Free Dessert Sweets with No Sugar Added for Paleo Healthy Diabetic Diets

  • The ultimate long lasting paleo and keto snack - Great energy source while fasting or following a low carb diet. With plant-based fats, protein, and fiber - a dynamic trifecta to help keep you feeling fuller longer.
  • Amazing taste and texture - Unlike the competition, we made a point to test our cookies rigorously before release. This translates to a much more "normal" tasting cookie, complete with all the taste and texture you're used to!
  • Keto and paleo friendly, gluten free, and no added sugar - Enjoy these keto cookies chocolate chip to fuel to support your metabolism and brain function. This high-density energy source will give you a boost whenever you need it!
  • Our keto cookies are good for all - Everyone needs fat & protein. SuperFat keto bites support sustained levels of energy, cognition and mental clarity, proper metabolic and cellular functions.
  • Superfat Cookies: The most convenient snack - With the perfectly sized portions and our long shelf life thanks to our state of the art packaging technology, you can keep SuperFat around for any occasion. No matter if you're travelling or wont be somewhere for a while, your SuperFat cookies will be waiting for you exactly the same as the day they were made! *Packaging may vary
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