Swanson 100% Certified Organic Flavor Free Coconut Oil Cooking B...

Swanson 100% Certified Organic Flavor Free Coconut Oil Cooking B...

Swanson 100% Certified Organic Flavor Free Coconut Oil Cooking Baking Frying Beauty EFAs MCTs 3 lbs 6 Ounces (1.53 kg) Solid Oil

  • VERSATILE COOKING OIL - As more people pay closer attention to the foods they're eating, they're also paying closer attention to how they prepare their meals. The wrong cooking oil can turn an otherwise healthy meal into a greasy mess. Coconut oil has become a popular cooking oil because of its high smoke point and low carb profile. It's a great source of nutritious medium-chain fatty acids and delivers great results in the kitchen for chefs of all abilities.
  • FLAVOR FREE COCONUT OIL - Love the benefits of cooking with coconut oil but not in love with the taste of coconuts? Our Swanson Certified Organic Flavor Free Coconut Oil retains the nutrition without the taste, making it a great choice for those who want to cook with this naturally nutritious oil but don't want to affect the flavor profile of the food. Enjoy great-tasting meals without any hint of coconut flavor. It's a great alternative to other cooking oils or butter
  • LOW CARB DIETS - Swanson Certified Organic Flavor Free Coconut Oil is a great cooking oil to have in the kitchen if you're on any low-carb diet. Why? Coconut oil is naturally carb-free, and our flavor free version maintains that same nutritional profile health conscious-cooks want in a cooking oil. Coconut oil is also a great natural source of medium-chain fatty acids that are metabolized quickly in the body and used as an immediate energy source rather than being stored as fat.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Our products reflect our commitment to giving you the best quality and service at the best price. We guarantee that every product you purchase is made from the purest, freshest nutrients and meets the highest quality standards. If you aren't completely satisfied with any product(s) purchased within the last 30 days, simply return the unused portion to us for a full refund.
  • OUR QUALITY & HERITAGE - We're control freaks...in a good way! For nearly 50 years, Swanson Health has delivered science-backed health products worldwide. In 1969, we began in Fargo, ND with a mission to offer wellness solutions that help people live simply healthier together. Our facilities are Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified, and our purity and potency testing includes independent third-party labs. Clinical research, scientific consensus and usage traditions guide our innovation.
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