Tap My Trees Maple Sugaring Plastic Syrup Jug 6-Pack

Out Of Stock Tap My Trees Maple Sugaring Plastic Syrup Jug 6-Pack

Tap My Trees Maple Sugaring Plastic Syrup Jug (6-Pack)

  • Tasty and Nutritious: Loaded with probiotics, lean protein and fiber, this nutrient-dense snack is made with a half a pound of real veggies; It doesn't get much healthier than this - The Original Crunchy Kale
  • Never Baked or Fried: Our air-crisping technique maintains all of the vitamins, nutrients and enzymes you would get from eating fresh produce; The dehydration process gives our snacks a satisfying crunch
  • The Best Ingredients: We thoughtfully select organic and non-GMO vegetables, seeds and spices to make nutrient-dense combinations; Our chips are packed with naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and fiber
  • Healing Foods: Raw means that we do not heat any of our ingredients over 115 degrees Fahrenheit; Because our foods are processed at a low temperature, they provide valuable enzymes and essential nutrients
  • Snack with Purpose: At Brad's, we believe that what you eat impacts how you feel; Try the full range of healthy, vegan and gluten-free raw snacks including Crunchy Fruit Kale, Crunchy Kale and Veggie Chips
  • Love It: 347
  • Brand: Tap My Trees
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