Tealixir Herbal Kombucha Tea - Dr Marigold - Inspired By North A...

Out Of Stock Tealixir Herbal Kombucha Tea - Dr Marigold - Inspired By North A...

Tealixir Herbal Kombucha Tea - Dr Marigold - Inspired By North American Folk Medicine, This Herbal Tonic Features Echinacea, Dandelion, Hawthorn and Meadowsweet, Probiotic, Vegan, 12 PACK

  • ✅DELICIOUS & REFRESHING: Dr. Marigold is brewed with robust Ceylon tea and features the medicinal herbs Echinacea, St. John's Wort, Gingko and Hawthorn. An infusion of marigold, dandelion, bilberry, rose hips, orange peel, lemon balm, cinnamon and cloves creates a fruity taste with floral undertones and notes of citrus & spice
  • ✅HERBAL MEDICINE: Our probiotic herbal elixirs are based on time honored traditions of herbal medicine and brewed for you with the very best of nature's pharmacy! All Organic - Probiotic - Vegan - Non GMO - Free Trade - Gluten Free - Non Alcoholic
  • ✅AMAZING BENEFITS: Drink herbal kombucha to strengthen your immune system; for balancing, cleansing and detoxing your body; to provide energy and aid digestion. People have reported significant improvements to mental acuity and overall well-being, as well as ailments such as acid reflux and heartburn.
  • ✅CONVENIENT PACKAGING: Premium 12 oz BPA-free lined cans offer a draft-fresh taste in a recyclable convenient package perfect for on the go, beaches, pools, boats, festivals, etc where bottles are forbidden. Cans are more environmentally friendly and are safe for kids!
  • ✅UNIQUE PROCESS: Using modern brewing methods and an ancient fermentation technique, our craft brewing process allows for superior taste, a potent extraction of the therapeutic benefits of the herbs, teas, and spices and lots of creativity! We never add fruit juices to flavor our brews!
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