The Spice Lab Curing Salt #1 1 Pound Pink Curing Salt for Mea...

-6% The Spice Lab Curing Salt #1 1 Pound Pink Curing Salt for Mea...

The Spice Lab Curing Salt #1 (1 Lb Bag) Pink Curing Salt (Prague Powder 1) 6.25% Sodium Nitrite "Insta Cure" for Game, Sausage, Bacon, Ham, Jerky Seasoning, Cure, Brisket & Corned Beef. Made in USA

  • PRAGUE POWDER 1: is also called Insta Cure #1, curing salt #1 or tinted cure. Pink Curing Salt is one of the most common curing salts. Curing salt is table salt with added sodium nitrite for preserving meats. It gives meat their distinctive pink coloring as the pink powder binds and interacts with a certain protein in meat.
  • COMMON USES: This pink powder is recommended as a nitrite curing salt for meat that requires short cures that will be cooked and eaten relatively quickly. Use pink curing salt for bacon, jerky, corned beef and more.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: Pink curing salt has been known to remove germs from meat, steaks, roasts, poultry. Sodium nitrite salt also helps preventing reproduction that can spoil meat.
  • WORD OF CAUTION: Use sodium nitrate curing salt with extreme care. Follow the proper food safety guidelines and use the right measurements of Prague Powder #1 when curing meats. Mix the salt cure with water and use sparingly. Only 1 tsp. is needed to cure 5 lbs. of meat. Consuming too much curing salt can make you sick.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Our pink curing salt is ideal for homemade jerky seasoning and cure, as well as game curing for hunters. Our products quality-assured and made in USA. We pride ourselves on not just providing the best value but providing the highest quality products you'll find on the market.
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