Thick-It Aquacare H2O Nectar Consistency Thickened Water Beverag...

Thick-It Aquacare H2O Nectar Consistency Thickened Water Beverag...

Thick-It Aquacare H2O Nectar Consistency Thickened Water Beverage, 8 Ounce (Pack of 24)

Since 1987, our thick-it team including speech language pathologists, registered dietitians and scientists has been dedicated to finding reliable dysphagia nutrition solutions for people with swallowing difficulties and their caregivers. To us, it's personal -many members of the thick-it brand team have loved ones, friends or patients affected by swallowing difficulties and understand the challenges. Thick-it original instant food thickener was the first healthcare food thickener on the market, and is now the number one-selling retail powdered food thickener in America. Today, the thick-it brand has expanded to include delicious ready-to-drink beverages and ready-to-eat purees, designed to simplify your life by providing convenient and effective dysphagia nutrition solutions. The thick-it brand is owned by kent precision foods group, inc, a privately held dry-blending and packaging food company dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with swallowing problems and their caregivers.
  • Made with Artesian mineral water from 600 feet below ground, which results in thickened beverages that look and taste natural.
  • AquaCareH2O Beverages meet the National Dysphagia Guidelines for nectar- and honey-like consistencies, and will not over thicken.
  • Offers those with dysphagia a variety of enjoyable beverage options while allowing caregivers to confidently give their loved ones the nutritional care they need and deserve.
  • Kosher, Gluten Free
  • Thick-It AquaCare H2O pre thickened drinks have re-sealable bottles that are perfect for use at home or while traveling.
  • Thick-It AquaCare H2O Thickened Water - Nectar Consistency
  • Ready-to-drink, clear Artesian mineral water with no lemon flavor or sweeteners added.
  • Calorie, sugar and carbohydrate-free. Kosher and Gluten free.
  • Chill or heat; freeze to make ice cubes or frozen treats.
  • Item is sold by 1/Pack of 24 (8oz Bottles)
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  • Brand: Precision Foods
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