Top Fox Usa Farm-Grown Organic Pumpkin Seeds. Healthy Pop-Roaste

Out Of Stock Top Fox Usa Farm-Grown Organic Pumpkin Seeds. Healthy Pop-Roaste

Top Fox Snacks - Organic Pop-Roasted Pumpkin Seeds | Healthy Protein Snacks - Gluten Free - Keto and Vegan Friendly (Himalayan Salt, 3.5 oz - 2 Pack)

  • POP-ROASTED PERFECTION | Once harvested, our pumpkin seeds go through an unique POP-ROASTED process. The result is an amazing nutty, super crunchy taste that your tatse buds can't resist. Everyone will love them as they make a great snack.
  • PLANT-BASED PROTEIN |10g plant-based, organic protein and only 1g net carbs per serving. Our pop-roasted pumpkin seeds come with no shells, and the extra crunchy texture you love when snacking. Boosting your experience like no other—plain and simple.
  • SUSTAINABLE | It takes 1 gallon of water to create a serving of pumpkin seeds and 72 gallons for the same amount of pistachios. Thanks to the farming practices we use, we have no chemicals or pesticides in our water and minimized soil erosion.
  • GROWN IN THE USA | Seeds grown in your very own backyard. Our seeds are organic and non-GMO. Currently, about 80-90% of pumpkin seeds are grown in China, so we wanted to find the perfect variety to grow exclusively on our own American farms.
  • USDA ORGANIC | We use sustainable farming practices that include only 100% USDA organic inputs (such as seed, fertilizer and mechanical cultivation) to ensure we don’t harm soil health or biodiversity. Also no chemicals or pesticides in our water.
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