Top Hat Quinine Tonic Syrup -5x Natural Quinine Concentrate - 32...

Top Hat Quinine Tonic Syrup -5x Natural Quinine Concentrate - 32...

Top Hat East India Craft Concentrated Quinine Tonic Drink Syrup - 5X Natural Quinine Concentrate - Just Add Club Soda - 32oz Bottle

  • For Instant Premium Tonic Water: Handcrafted symphony of quinine, cinchona bark, zeus hop & grapefruit with graceful notes of chamomile and darjeeling in a non-alcoholic soda syrup & G&T Cocktail Mix made with real cane sugar. Great for making premium tonic water and handcrafting Legendary G&T's at home or easily batching full kegs.
  • 32 Servings of Cultivated Fresh-produce Experience: Our East India Tonic Syrup & 5x Quinine Concentrate is a non-alcoholic, concentrated tea infusion that comes in a 32oz bottle. Make sure to shake well before using and refrigerate after opening. 1oz added on a 5oz soda is enough to add a magical burst of flavor!
  • Alcohol Mix For The Health Conscious: Our flavored syrup is concentrated and contains antioxidants. Ingredients are sourced from the freshest citrus & vegetable juices, tropical fruits, raw sugars, plant based natural sweeteners, & cultured botanicals--perfect for the health conscious individuals!
  • Perfect for Home Bar Use: Craft your very own alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks at the comfort of your own home using our Festival Born recipes and free mixology education from the best bartenders in the world! Check our cocktail recipe recommendations at the back of the bottle.
  • Elite Crafters of Mixers, Elixirs & Tonics: Top Hat Provisions provides top of the line handcrafted mixers, syrups and batching concentrates. We are global foragers and have worked tirelessly to scout out the best ingredients for you! Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquiries regarding our products.
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