Traditional Thai Tea Mix 250g., Blue Moon Thai Tea, natural colo...

Traditional Thai Tea Mix 250g., Blue Moon Thai Tea, natural colo...

Traditional Thai Tea Mix 250g., Blue Moon Thai Tea, natural color, no dye, Authentic taste of original Thai iced tea

Brewing Instructions : Thai traditional brewing style is highly recommended, fill 1 tablespoon (8-10g.) of tea in a cloth filter bag, pour 150-200ml. boiling water, brew it for 2-3 minutes or once the tea turns dark blue then strain the tea, it's ready to make into any tea drink of your choice. The tea can be extracted by using espresso machine, fill 8-10g. in espresso basket press the water 1oz. and leave it 10seconds to infuse and repeat 2-3 times to get the tea extract total 2-3Oz. Mixing instructions : 1. To make Pastel Bluemoon or Thai Iced Tea with milk, mix 1oz. of sweetened condensed milk with 2-3oz. of fresh milk or half-half milk according to preference, pour milk mixture over ice, then pour the tea slowly over ice after milk mixture to get beautiful layer. 2. To make Ultra violet or Lemon Thai Tea, mix the tea with 20-30 ml. of sugar syrup according to taste, pour over ice, then add 1-2 teaspoon of lemon juice and decorate with piece of lemon slice. The tea will turn a violet color once the lemon juice is added.
  • New phenomenon Thai Tea in natural blue tone!! Raming Blue moon Thai Tea is a traditional Thai Tea inventive natural blue color from blue pea flowers. It makes you feel different, colorful and exotic with authentic taste exactly like you've enjoyed at Thai Restaurant.
  • Due to health concern, Raming Tea created the Blue Thai tea mix produced from USDA certified Organic Assamica tea blended with selected and clean Butterfly Pea Flowers instead of using artificial orange color.
  • It is a healthy natural Thai tea without chemical ingredients so you can enjoy without any concern.
  • We blend Thai tea with organic butterfly pea flowers to get its natural blue pigment, soluble in hot water, a wide variety of beautiful café and mixology drink applications Add a squeeze of lemon to a cocktail and watch the color change from vivid blue to purple to pink The flowers have a high content of anthocyanin, a beneficial antioxidant.
  • Sugar Free, No Preservative, Low Caffeine, Vanilla natural flavor added.
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