Two Pack Spanish Organic Quince Paste 14.1Oz | Just Three Ingred

Out Of Stock Two Pack Spanish Organic Quince Paste 14.1Oz | Just Three Ingred

Two Pack SPANISH ORGANIC QUINCE PASTE 14.1oz | Just Three Ingredients | Perfect With Manchego Cheese | Dulce De Membrillo | Quince Jelly | Quince Paste Organic | Gluten Free

  • ORGANIC QUINCE PASTE - Enjoy our premium Spanish organic quince paste, as soon you open it you will be amazed by the delicious taste. Our membrillo is made only using traditional methods and with just 3 Ingredients (Quince, Sugar, Lemon) in order to guarantee a real quince flavor and ideal texture.
  • SUPER EASY TO USE – It’s the perfect match for cheese boards, combine strong cheeses with this delicious organic Spanish quince paste and get surprised with the flavor. This organic Spanish membrillo, is also a great alternative as Pre-Dinner aperitif with your favorite crackers… It is really good!!!
  • USDA ORGANIC CERTIFIED AND BEST QUALITY GUARANTEE - Our Quince paste are 100% Organic USDA certified which absolutely guarantee that the whole process it is 100% organic and free of pesticides. In Eat Prime Foods we believe in sharing the best quality products we can find. We always try the products before selling them so we can guarantee the quality, and that’s why we offer you 30 days money back guarantee en case you didn’t like it.
  • PRODUCT IMPORTED FROM SPAIN - Original Product From The South Of Spain With Authentic Flavors, it is like having the authentic Spanish food but right on your table!
  • PRODUCT SHIPPED FROM USA - Rest Assured that your product is going to be shipped from USA (Usually from an Amazon Fulfillment Center) and not overseas, we do it to maintain the best quality and flavors of our products for You!
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