Ucan Hydrate Electrolyte Drink Mix, Lemon-Lime, No Sugar, Zero C

Ucan Hydrate Electrolyte Drink Mix, Lemon-Lime, No Sugar, Zero C

UCAN Hydration Powder Packets - Keto Hydrate Powder - Sugar Free Electrolyte Powder - 0 Carbs & Calories, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO - 12pk - Lemon-Lime

  • Fast dehydration relief for maximum hydration - Optimal dehydration recovery. Replenishes electrolytes and refreshes your body’s critical components so you can feel ready and able to take on anything.
  • Great for dehydration relief caused by workouts, training, heat exhaustion, travel, & illness. Prevent fatigue and recover faster. Curb hangovers, hydrate during illness, combat heat exhaustion, and rehydrate during and after workouts.
  • Formulated by an olympic dietitian - 2x more magnesium per serving compared to other popular electrolyte products; magnesium aids energy production. Used by many professional athletes.
  • Sugar-free electrolyte powder packets - Made with 0 sugar. Non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, keto-friendly. Easy to use. Mix instantly with no acesulfame potassium, sodium benzoate, or artificial sweeteners. Replenish the electrolytes lost in sweat for dehydration relief.
  • Tastes great - Available in 5 delicious, fruity flavors.
  • Love It: 1355
  • Brand: Generation UCAN
  • Product Code: B0141GFTR2
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