USDA Organic Shade-Grown Ethiopian Coffee, Guji Heirloom, Single...

USDA Organic Shade-Grown Ethiopian Coffee, Guji Heirloom, Single...

USDA Organic, Single-Origin, Shade-Grown Ethiopian Coffee, Guji Heirloom, Whole Bean Medium Roast, Premium High-Altitude Grown Arabica, Non-GMO, Keto Friendly, Small Batch, Fresh Roasted, Coffee Beans - 12oz Coffee Bag (Gift Wrap Available) - Mojave Coffee

  • SUPERB ORGANIC SINGLE-ORIGIN - Enjoy this heirloom variety from the Guji volcanic region of Ethiopia - tastes of lemonade, sweet apple, vanilla, and breakfast tea. Clean acidity.
  • EXPLORE A DISTINCTIVE SHADE-GROWN COFFEE - The high altitude volcanic Guji region provides ideal coffee growing conditions. Couple this with an heirloom variety that is shade-grown and you get a distinctive coffee.
  • SMALL BATCH FRESH-ROASTED BEANS - We use 100% premium beans, hand-picked, and roasted in small batches. We package our fresh roasted beans in nitrogen-filled bags with a one-way freshness valve.
  • ARTISAN MASTER ROASTED - Our team with Josef (Q grade artisan master roaster) carefully roasts, cups, and tastes to create the ideal roasting profile.
  • MAKE COFFEE YOUR WAY - Our Guji heirloom is smooth. It makes excellent drip, pour-over, cold brew, or french press. Enjoy it at home, at work, or on the road - black, latte, espresso, or iced.
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