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Vanilla Bean Paste | Cambie Confections Pure All-Natural Vanilla Bean Paste | For Bakers and Chefs | All Natural, Gluten Free and Kosher, 4 oz

  • PURE VANILLA PASTE BLEND: Cambie Confections Pure Vanilla Paste is a blend of Madagascar and Indonesian vanilla beans. As Madagascar vanilla bean prices begin to skyrockets, we've brought an affordable, chef-quality vanilla paste to satisfy the demands of culinary professionals and at-home bakers for an affordable price.
  • ALL NATURAL: No nasty preservatives or chemicals. Our high quality Vanilla Paste is all-natural with simple ingredients - like it should be. If your goal is to make wonderful creations that require all-natural ingredients, then Cambie Confections Pure Vanilla Paste fits right in. Best yet, not only is our vanilla paste all natural, but it's gluten free and certified Kosher as well.
  • MULTIPLE USES: Easy to use, as 1 tsp of Vanilla paste = 1 vanilla bean = 1 tsp of Vanilla extract. The only difference is the thick consistency of vanilla paste that adds much more than regular extract without the hassle of buying vanilla beans. Use in desserts such as creme brulee, ice cream, gelato, cakes, pastries, baked goods, milkshakes and many more!
  • VISUAL VANILLA FLAVOR: You also get something out of using vanilla paste over extract - those visual specs of vanilla. Ever wonder how some vanilla ice creams or gelato look so decadent? With premium vanilla ice cream or gelato, you can see those wonderful specs of vanilla from the bean. Using vanilla paste will create that visual appearance that makes your creation look even that much delicious.
  • SYRUPY GOODNESS: It has a thick consistency unlike extracts, similar to molasses, enabling you to add more delicious vanilla flavor without thinning out your batters or sauces.
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