Vegan Burger 9 Patties - Vege Caliente

Vegan Burger 9 Patties - Vege Caliente

Vegan Burger (9 Patties) - Vege Caliente

  • GOURMET VEGAN BURGER: Vege Caliente is unlike any other burger mix you’ve ever tried – or any other burger patty you’ve made yourself! Try it out and taste the difference. After the first, delicious bite, you’ll become acquainted with authentic, gourmet vegan flavors and nothing will ever taste the same.
  • PUREST MIX ON THE MARKET: You can now provide nutritious meals for your family while adhering to the principles of a vegan or paleo diet. The Vege Caliente burger mix is FREE of Gluten, Soy, Nuts, Preservatives or GMOs, ensuring each scoop is as natural as it gets! Ideal for those with gluten or other food allergen sensitivities, the Vege Caliente will surely become your new, go-to comfort food!
  • VEGGIE BURST!: Delicious pinto beans, black beans, tomatoes and corn make for an exceptional base for a hearty burger patty! Smoothly textured, robust in flavor and chock full of plant fiber, our vegan burger is the epitome of vegan cooking.
  • 10 MINUTES TO BURGER!: It’s quick, easy to prepare, and has minimal kitchen messes. There’s nothing more anyone could ask for! Once you open the Vege Caliente burger mix bag, you’re only a few minutes away from partaking in an extraordinary, palate-expanding gustatory experience. Add water, stir, saute, season your burger with any vegetable or dressing and enjoy!
  • AUTHENTIC SMOKEY CHIPOTLE FLAVOR: Our vegan patty base is topped off with the addition of an assortment of bell, jalapeno and chipotle peppers, adding a satisfying, flavorful kick that accentuates each and every bite of your vegan burger. Stock up while supplies last!
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