Vietnamese Coffee Pour Over Set - 3 Pcs. -2 Pack Trung Nguyen Go...

Vietnamese Coffee Pour Over Set - 3 Pcs. -2 Pack Trung Nguyen Go...

Vietnamese Coffee Pour Over Set - 3 Pcs. -2 Pack Trung Nguyen Gourmet Whole Beans and Pour Over Coffee Dripper, 1 Vinamilk Sweetened Condensed Milk Creamer - Premium Robusta and Arabica Blend

  • ✅ PACKAGE INCLUDES - 2 Pack of Trung Nguyen Gourmet Blend Vietnamese Ground Coffee 500g, 1 box of Vinamilk Sweetened Condensed Creamer 45.3 oz, and 1 Café-Style Single-Cup Coffee Phin Filter. Trung Nguyen is the largest coffee brand in Vietnam and is enjoyed in over 60 countries worldwide.
  • ✅ AUTHENTIC VIETNAMESE COFFEE - Breathe in the bold aroma and sip the refined flavor of authentic Vietnamese coffee. Trung Nguyen's Gourmet Blend will transport you to another time and place - the enchanting land of Vietnam with its unique coffee culture.
  • ✅ BOLD NUTTY ROASTED FLAVOR - This Gourmet Blend uses a mix of Arabica and Robusta beans grown in rich, fertile soil at high altitudes, sustainably harvested, and then artisan roasted by master coffee makers with just a hint of delicious local cacao added.
  • ✅ ENJOY HOT OR COLD, ANYTIME - With this authentic 3 pc. brew kit, you can enjoy your Vietnamese coffee piping hot when the temperatures drop, or ice-cold & refreshing in the summertime. Vinamilk is a sweet and delicate creamer that makes the perfect silky smooth beverage.
  • ✅ EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER CARE - We can't wait for you to share in the rich heritage and national prestige of Trung Nguyen's authentic, award-winning Vietnamese coffee. You can always reach out to our dedicated Customer Care team if you have any questions.
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